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Tech and digital skills are the beating heart of today's workforce. Yet the gap between those with these skills and those without, is getting wider.


At London Tech Futures, we make sure no one gets left behind and can access the opportunities to build their careers with digital skills.

Join Our Mission

We offer access to a range of tech and digital skills courses, paving the way for future success.


We are looking for corporates, donors and partners that recognise that not everyone grows up with opportunities to succeed to support our mission.


We need volunteers from diverse backgrounds for outreach programmes to actively reduce digital inequality. 

Sign up below and we will be in touch.

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Get on the Map 

The Digital Skills Map aims to provide quality digital skill building resources to young Londoners.


It contains over 200 opportunities in and around London - ranging from college courses, tech-bootcamps, and short courses.


It's a go-to platform for young Londoners to connect with digital skills opportunities in their community.

If you are interested in listing your course, please get in touch below.

Donate Laptops

Make a difference today! Donate laptops to support young Londoners to access digital skills courses.


Your contribution will empower them, and we'll provide outcomes and case studies to all our donors.

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Innovative Engagement

We work on creating sustainable outreach workshops and community digital skills training for 16-30 year olds outside of traditional education. We need diverse volunteers to deliver these.


We are raising funding to deliver a digital skills training programme at Crystal Palace FC which requires £1000 per footballer to join the course. On completion of the course, they will get a certified qualification and mentoring for wider career opportunities.


We are also exploring sponsored hackathons and tech buses to go into communities with volunteers to deliver digital skills training.


Get in touch if you have new ideas.

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